Everyone can understand the struggle of getting up and going to work, especially now that the weather is warming up. Even dogs get it! In fact, one cute police K-9 decided he would much rather play than head into the office, forcing his partner to play too!

A Hard Working K-9

Normally, Jango Fett, a K-9 officer with the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland, is really dedicated to his job. Alongside his partner, Ryan Costin, Jango helps to cut down on drug crimes in the state.

The K-9 officer typically uses his senses to find drugs on the streets and has a pretty upbeat attitude about his work. But, on this particular day, the Belgian Malinois dog was not feeling it!

All Play, No Work

On the way to the office with Ryan, Jango decided he would much rather play in the grass than go to work. The K-9 rolled around in the grass as Ryan tried to convince him to get in the car.

Ryan’s wife, Cassie, recorded and narrated the hilarious scene from inside their home. “And Jango just lays flat on the ground, and it’s only Tuesday!” Cassie laughed.

The Perfect Deal

Ryan worked out a quiet deal with his K-9. If Jango would get in the car, Ryan would rub his belly. Ryan patted and rubbed the dog’s stomach, and then Jango quickly hopped in the car like nothing happened! “So, all I need to get ready for work is a belly rub. Got it, check,” Cassie said. Then off to work they went.

The Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s office reposted the funny video later on social media. “A beautiful Spring day makes the best Deputies want to play hooky!!” the office said in the caption. Yes indeed! But Jango does take his job seriously, so he managed to make it in the office. He and Ryan might’ve been a little late, but they were still ready to get to work!