Dogs are usually referred to as man’s best friend, and with good reason: the unique kind of relationship between humans and doggies has been legendary for ages.

A dog guides its owner, keeps him or her company and, in the best of circumstances, even protects them.

At times, people have been saved from attacks by dogs they did not even know.

This is what happened to Georgia Bradley, a British woman who was on vacation overseas.

Georgia, the woman who told her story to Metro, was on a short holiday in Crete, Greece in the company of her boyfriend back in 2015. Crete is home to one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, and this makes it the perfect getaway for many couples. 

In a bid to get the most out of her trip, Georgia decided to take a walk on the beach all alone one day. She needed some alone time and left her boyfriend relaxing in a restaurant while she took the beach stroll.

The walk soon turned from relaxing to scary. While Georgia was out all alone and vulnerable, two men suddenly came up to her. They first approached her for a drink, which she refused.

While decent people would have accepted her decision and walked away, the two strangers didn’t seem to take no for an answer. 

“One of them grabbed me on the arm and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was on my own and it was a very scary and difficult situation,” Georgia told The Telegraph.

Amidst the scuffle, a small, black dog suddenly jumped out of nowhere. It barked at the trio, jumped up at Georgia and began licking her hand.

This made the two men think twice about continuing their assault. The pair let Georgia go, and the young woman felt immensely grateful. “She saved me”, Georgia said about the young pooch.

After the incident, Georgia and her boyfriend soon returned home, but the young woman felt reluctant about leaving the dog behind that saved her life. Eventually, she went back to Greece in search of the dog and luckily, she found her on the same beach where she had been attacked.

Georgia wanted to adopt her hero and immediately got started on the necessary paperwork and legal requirements. Today, she gets to reciprocate the love that her hero had shown her. She named her Pepper.