For so many of us dog owners, our pups are truly a “man’s best friend.” They are our constant companions on walks and outdoor adventures. They snuggle with us on the sofa and, if they are allowed, they have their very own spot on our beds at night.

However, if you’re like me, your dogs are more like pampered pets than working pups. But, there are a lot of dogs out there who have jobs and do them extremely well. These pooches, who are an indispensable asset to our military and police as well as hunting and agriculture, act as service dogs to people with disabilities and perform countless other jobs.

The dogs that perform these duties are much more than just pets and have a serious purpose. For many of these “working dogs,” bravery is a necessary part of their personality, much like their human handlers. I have to admit that as I look at my dogs sleeping peacefully and waiting for me to wait on them hand and foot, I have trouble seeing them as very “brave.”

Sure, they might bark at the UPS delivery person or chase the deer that sneaks into our front field to graze. But, they don’t have the opportunity to stand up to anything that is actually dangerous. However, I’d like to think that they would protect me if it was needed.

The dog in this video doesn’t think twice about standing up to danger. The dog is in the Jhalana Leopard Safari Park in Rajasthan state, India, and the video was taken by a group of animal activists and tourists that were traveling through the park. It’s certain that they hoped to see some of the amazing wildlife that the park has to offer and they weren’t disappointed.

On that kind of trip, the goal would be to see some of the rare wild animals, but it doesn’t seem very exciting when the first animal in the video is a domestic dog. He appears relaxed and unconcerned, sleeping on the road near the tourist’s vehicles. But, as they watch and film, things get exciting very quickly.

As the dog naps, an enormous leopard jumps out of the bushes as if it is going to pounce on the canine. With lightning fast reflexes, the dog jumps to his feet and defends himself from his attacker with loud barking and a defensive stance. After a few tense moments, the large cat slinks away and the brave dog is left unharmed.

Watch the amazing encounter in the video above and tell us what you think in the comments!

Source : metaspoon.