An unusual video from China has led a Chinese farmer to be compared to the Pied Piper of Hamelin. 

He’s herding a different kind of animal, though. Rather than being followed by a band of rats, this special farmer managed to gather a lot of attention from the local chickens!

The video was captured in the Guizhou Province back in the summer and reveals a farmer blowing into a shrill whistle.

While the noise of the whistle certainly captures the attention of us viewers, we aren’t the only ones who hear it! As he begins to blow his whistle, chickens start to fly from all directions, hurrying to gather near the farmer.

The sound of the whistle indicates that it’s time for the birds to be fed, and it’s obvious that none of them wants to miss a meal! While the chickens seem to have been spending their afternoon traveling across the nearby property, scratching and looking for insects to eat, the sound of the whistle brings them right back home.

The huge, winged birds fly from all directions, almost blocking the sight of the sky as they make their descent toward their farmer and the meal awaiting them.

When all the chickens are gathered in the area, the farmer herds them back down the road and begins to throw out grain for the animals to enjoy. Gathered around the food, the animals look like they are a sea of feathers spread out on the ground.

Usually, we think that only animals such as dogs can be trained to obey a whistle, but this Chinese man proves to us that chickens are just as easy to train.

This video makes us wonder if chickens might be just as smart as any other animal! Whether this farmer simply calls them in to eat or if he’s gathering them to be put up for the night, he sure seems to deserve some kind of reward for the training that he has done with his winged friends.

Have you ever tried training a chicken or other bird? Probably few of us have but let us know about your experiences in the comment section below. Then invite your friends to read the story and watch the video so that they can give their thoughts as well!