Whenever I’m at the gym, I make a beeline straight to the weights. I try to stay away from the cardio machines, but sometimes, you just have to suck it up and go and face the treadmill.

And when I do face my fear of cardio and finally take a ride on the treadmill, I notice that everyone has their own unique way of walking or running on them.

Animator Kevin Parry seems to have noticed this too, because his video below showcases 100 different ways of walking on a treadmill.

And that’s not all!

You see, Kevin didn’t stop at showing the different walking techniques. No, he even showed the different ways characters might walk on a treadmill, like a zombie and a SWAT officer!

Kevin starts off his demonstration pretty normally. There’s a generic way of walking that we all probably recognize.

Then he goes totally overboard!

There’s a boxer, a robot, a hippy, a mummy — there’s even a demonstration of someone trying to walk on a treadmill in the dark!

There are some examples that don’t even make sense — like a waiter, or someone walking on hot coals!

But there are a few that many of us can definitely relate to!