Moving into a new house is always a stressful endeavor. Pretty much everything that goes into moving is arduous and never fun. Packing away memories from a place you have called home can be a tough thing to do. I know I got very emotional when my mother, brother and I moved into the house I spent the latter part of my childhood and all of my adolescence growing up in. I didn’t want to say goodbye to all the familiar things in my life. Life goes on though, and we must learn to deal with the changes that come along with it.

This young man was stepping into the realm of first time home ownership, which even at my age sounds terrifying. The time was right though and he found a house that suited his needs and wants for a decent price. What he didn’t anticipate was what he would find inside his new home once he started getting settled. Scroll down and see what this guy found that had him in complete shock!

The new owner bought this house for pretty cheap. The previous owner had passed way.

The basement was chock full of junk when he first toured the house. The previous owner had not moved anything out. So when most of the random junk was out of the basement this is what it looked like.

In the process of cleaning out the basement, the new owner noticed something odd. A piece of plywood that fit into the wall in a peculiar way. He decided to investigate the strange piece of wood further. When he tried to move it, it wouldn’t budge.

Finally after some prying, he got the piece of wood to break away from the staircase and the wall. What he saw shocked, and even scared him a little.

Inside the wall was a small room that measures about 4 x 4. Inside were many guns cases, military ammo crates and a big grey metal container. Also inside was a large safe.

This is the safe that was inside the room, the finder estimated its weight at 200 pounds!

Gun boxes upon gun boxes were inside the room, stacked to the ceiling.

The homeowner put his hand up to the safe to give a size comparison. As you can see, this isn’t a tiny piggy bank.

These are the types of crates that we used in the military to store ammunition. Who knows what the previous owner had stored in them however.

Well it did turn out to be ammo. 

Even more ammo inside a wooden crate that was on top of the metal canisters.

Some 20 gauge shotgun ammo.

View from inside the hidden basement room looking out into the actual basement.

After searching around the actual basement a little more, the homeowner found a few other gun related items.

CMP stands for Civilian Marksmanship Program.

It turns out this gun (an AK-47) is only an air rifle unfortunately.

This is a box for an SKS rifle.

More ammo inside the ammo cans.

These rounds are actually german blanks. The German word for “blanks” is platzpatronen which you can see part of on the rounds.

Here we have some 30.06 ammunition. This is a popular hunting rifle round.

The M1 Garand also uses a 30.06 caliber round.

Here we have a small ammo pouch.

.22 long rifle rounds, and what appears to be .45 caliber hand gun rounds.

More shotgun rounds and blanks.

More and more ammo. This guy was seriously stockpiling.

Ammo attached to a speed loader ready to be put into magazines.

You can never have enough. That’s what I’ve always been taught.

He then opened up one of the ammo crates and found a freaking grenade!

Fortunately, the pin had already been pulled which eased his mind a bit. In the military, blue markings indicate a training or dummy grenade.

Just for good measure, the previous owner had drilled out the bottom.

Then there was the matter of this giant metal crate in the room.

This whole crate was filled to the brim with pennies.

Literally from top to bottom. This is a common prepper trend. Pre 1980’s pennies are made out of real copper, which will make them a highly valuable commodity if the dollar ever completely loses its value.

He then turned his task to the safe. He gathered every tool he could think of that might help him get it open.

Unfortunately, as of this posting, he has not been able to get it open. There is no way any type of chisel is fitting in there.

This is a pretty incredible stash of stuff to find in a house you just bought. To find it inside a hidden room makes the story even more incredible. Most of the boxes did not hold any guns, which does kind of take away from the find a little. There was a whole lot of ammo in this hidden basement room however. The homeowner could actually probably make a decent amount of money selling the ammunition. I am going to watching closely to see what happens when he gets into the safe!