Roxy is 16 years old, from Stafford, Virginia, and has never gotten a real haircut. She has decided that it is time for a change. Soon, Roxy will be off to college, and the smart teen is turning 17 a few months later. To celebrate this milestone in her life she has decided to add another milestone as well.

Feeling both excited and nervous, Roxy is planning to cut her hair and donate it. Danilo helps cut the majority of her long locks off, and says it is the longest hair they have ever had donated. Seeing Roxy hold the length of hair up next to her is astounding, and even she looks like she can barely believe it.

Even though her hair is still pretty long by any standards, she still is amazed at how short it feels. Danilo gave Roxy her first bangs, texture, and layers. Her transformation is lovely, especially with how happy she looks to finally have a new hairstyle.