It’s all documented folks.

Kim Clement is perhaps one of the most respected prophets in modern Christianity.

He died in 2016, but before he died, in fact many years before, he left us with lasting prophecies that are just now playing out before our very eyes.


These are documented in writing and on video with time stamps, upload dates, etc.

They’re real and they’ve been around for quite a while….from the 2007-2014 range to be exact.

We’ve covered him here before, but each time I revisit his prophecies something new jumps out at me.

So here’s what jumped out this time, and then you can read and watch for yourself below.

1. He said (in 2007) that Donald Trump will not only become President but he will be a TWO TERM President. So mark that down folks.

2. He said Donald Trump would build “walls of protection”. Isn’t that amazing? You are watching prophecy play out before your very eyes on the nightly news! It’s like living in the pages of the Bible!

3. And then this is the one that really hit me. He says he [Trump] will not be a praying president when he goes in, but God will baptize him with the Holy Spirit and His power while in office. He continues, saying Trump will become a praying president, not a religious one. “For I will fool the people, says the Lord. I will fool the people, yes I will.’” He says Trump will go into office whispering the name of God, but after his baptism in the Holy Spirit, he will boldly shout out by the power of the Spirit!

It’s this last one that really interests me because I think it’s the last one to really see play out.

I believe we are in fact already seeing signs of it, but I think it will become very obvious soon.

And when it does, WATCH OUT, because we will not only have a powerful and wise man of human abilities, but we will have a man filled with the POWER of the Holy Spirit guiding us through 2024, a literal David in our midst!

How exciting!

Watch my friends, see what the LORD will do!


Source: welovetrump.